Possibly the death knell of the ‘Yes” campaign but no one should get complacent.

‘Yes’ still has tens of millions to splurge on the heartstrings of the politically disengaged, which let’s face it, is most Australians.

So it’s not in the bag.

But if ‘No’ wins on October 14, today will be the day ‘Yes’ kicked its own goal, nailed itself into its own coffin.

Out of the heart the mouth speaks and Voice architect Professor Marcia Langton has let rip.

Labelling no voters as “racist” and “stupid”, she has probably killed off any chance the constitution will be changed to insert a race-based committee into our system of government.

“Every time the no cases raise their arguments, if you start pulling it apart you get down to base racism – I’m sorry to say that’s where it lands – or sheer stupidity,” she told a forum in Western Australia.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese should call the referendum off.

The implicit if not explicit suggestion of the ‘Yes’ campaign is if you are not voting yes you are not “doing the right thing”, you are probably racist or not a nice person.

It was the same when it came to implied homophobia during the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Today was the ‘Yes’ campaign’s “basket of deplorables” moment, a reference to former Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s comments about Trump supporters made at a LGBTIQA+ event.

With Jacinta Nampijinpa Price ready to join the fight against harmful LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology after the Voice referendum is over, there is an opportunity for mainstream Australians to take ground back from radical left.