In further proof that a vote for the LNP is a vote for harmful green-left policies, the LNP this week backed Labor’s reckless legislation to cut emissions by 75 per cent by 2035.

Amid a cost-of-living crisis for families, both sides of politics are now heading to the October Queensland election with a policy to make electricity in coal-abundant Queensland even more expensive and unreliable.

It beggars belief.

The debt-ridden Queensland government is dependent upon royalties from coal exports to China and India to pay for police, hospitals and public servants' salaries, yet foolish politicians from both sides think that by not burning it in Queensland they are somehow saving the planet. 

Family First has long called for a pause on net zero because no proper engineering or economic analysis has been done of the feasibility of de-carbonising electricity generation, let alone the cost versus benefits.

The more taxpayer-subsidised renewables injected into the grid, the more families’ power bills have sky-rocketed

This has driven inflation through the roof because the cost of goods that require energy in their production and distribution – which is just about everything – have also been forced up.

For too long politicians have sacrificed families, farmers and businesspeople on the altar of climate catastrophism.

“Reducing our emissions by 75% to 2035 is ambitious but it is achievable,” the LNP’s shadow environment minister, Sam O’Connor, told state parliament on Wednesday, providing absolutely no proof of his claim.

Windmills and solar panels cannot power modern economies and battery technology to back them up does not exist on a scale that can go close to keeping the lights on, let alone powering jobs-creating industries.

It’s not just bad economic policy in which the LNP is in lockstep with Labor and the Greens.

Leader David Crisafulli has vowed to preserve Queensland’s radical abortion-to-birth laws, saying there will be “no change”, not even a review into their brutality, if the LNP is elected to government.

Sadly the most dangerous place for an Australian to be is in their mothers’ womb and that will continue under the LNP.

On two key policies that matter to families, an LNP government in Queensland will be no different to Labor and the Greens.

It’s why Family First is recruiting candidates to stand at the up-coming Queensland election.

If you are interested in being a voice for mainstream families or simply helping out at the election, please email [email protected].

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