People who want to fight for mainstream family values are not welcome in the LNP.

In a further sign of its hostility to mainstream family values, Queensland LNP leader David Cruisafulli fired a pre-emptive shot across the bow of voters who want families first in public policy.

Essentially he said their concerns for the radical LGBTIQA+ indoctrination of children, human rights for the unborn and the need to prioritise the natural family in public policy are unwelcome.

Speaking to The Weekend Australian ahead of the LNP’s State Council meeting in Brisbane on Saturday, Cruisafulli unilaterally dumped party policy to review Queensland’s radical abortion-to-birth laws which also allow baby girls to be killed because they are girls.

This leaves the LNP on a unity ticket with Labor and the Greens when it comes to human rights for unborn babies and the gendercide being committed against girls.

He warned LNP members and parliamentarians against “freelancing” on values issues, telling The Australian they must focus on “things people care about”.

The so-called “moderates” of the LNP are always free to speak on their extreme views about abortion, euthanasia and economy harming net zero policies, it is the conservatives who are always muzzled.

For example no action was taken against Shadow Attorney General Tim Nicholls when he recently falsely claimed in Parliament there was no harm in having biological males who identified as women from sharing women’s private spaces.

“The issue of men seeking to take advantage of the laws, while a concern of many groups, is not supported by the evidence,” Nicholls said.

This was despite women’s groups supplying 17 pages of proof of harm.

Cruisafulli’s latest slap down of family values assumes mainstream Australians and Queenslanders do not care about children being plied with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and being surgically mutilated under Queensland’s so-called “conversion therapy” laws which prohibit anything other than this fate for gender confused children.

Family First is aiming to stand candidates at next year’s Queensland election who will stand for freedom, faith, life and family.