Long-serving former Liberal state parliamentarian Bernie Finn has joined Family First and will run for the Senate at the next federal election.

National Director Lyle Shelton said the party was pleased to welcome Mr Finn.

“Bernie is an experienced and respected former parliamentarian who is renowned for his courage, something severely lacking in contemporary politics. He has much left to give to our nation,” Mr Shelton said.

Herald Sun 6/08 p. 16

“Bernie will lead Family First’s Victorian Senate ticket and will begin campaigning immediately, starting by helping Richard Griffith-Jones in the Warrandyte by-election.”

Mr Finn said he was delighted to find a new political home after his expulsion from the Liberals and a short stint with the Democratic Labour Party.

“The major parties have abandoned families, hurting them with unnecessary climate-alarmist net zero policies which have driven up electricity prices.

“We have abundant energy resources but unaffordable and unreliable electricity. Only politicians could create a situation like that,” Mr Finn said.

“On social policy, Labor and Liberal have capitulated to LGBTIQA+ activists who are indoctrinating children in schools and public libraries. There’s no political leadership resisting this harmful ideology.

Mr Finn has a long history of fighting for children.

“I aim to take my passion for defending the rights of children, and protecting their innocence, with me to Canberra. I’ll fight hard to defend the rights of parents to raise their children according to their own values and beliefs. These are not negotiable”, Mr Finn said.

“I’m passionate about this nation and I won’t sit back while weak politicians allow it to be destroyed.”

Mr Finn said of all the minor parties, Family First had the organisational capability and policy coherence to become a significant player as the major parties continued their drift away from mainstream family values and practical energy policy.