Child protection

  • Protect children from harmful LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology by removing such material from all school and early childhood curriculum.
  • Ban the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and “gender affirmation” surgery on minors.

Freedom for families

  • Parents' rights: Reject the recommendations of the taxpayer-funded NSW Advocate for Children and Young People that teachers hide from parents their child’s decision to change gender
  • Abolish compulsory or coercive “diversity” training and participation for public servants and employees of woke corporates.
  • Abolish the use of “preferred pronouns” in email signature blocks of NSW public servants.
  • Abolish anti-vilification and anti-discrimination laws which restrict freedom of speech and religion.
  • Push for a Royal Commission into the NSW Government’s handling of the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Ensure the primacy of Parliament’s oversight over public health.


  • Introduce the successful Nordic model which criminalises men who purchase women for prostitution.
  • Make it an offence to exploit a woman to produce pornography.
  • Protect girls’ and women’s sport from the intrusion of biological males.


  • Close drug injecting centres.
  • Divert people to programs which help them get free of their addictions.
  • Enforce the law on drug supply and possession.
  • Weight the criminal justice system for young people by way of compulsory attendance at rehabilitation programs, rather than prison for first offences.


  • Lobby National Cabinet for uniform age-verification laws to protect children from harmful content online.
  • Provide a $200 per year registration rebate for families requiring a vehicle with a seating capacity of six or more.
  • Cut public funding to events which harm family resilience and stability. An example is the Sydney World Pride Festival which promotes things like animal fetish events alongside events targeting children.

Economic freedom for families

  • Housing affordability – release more land and reduce red tape to free up supply and lower prices.
  • Energy affordability and reliability – use gas to avoid blackouts by firming electricity supply and to lower retail power prices. Unlock gas reserves by lifting restrictions on exploration. Keep coal-fired power stations open until there are viable and affordable alternatives that provide baseload electricity.
  • Increased gas supply to drive industry and jobs.
  • Fight inflation – Freeing gas production and releasing land will drive down the cost of energy and housing, two major drivers of inflation.
  • Debt reduction – Put NSW on a pathway towards fiscal responsibility by tacking government debt. This will mean reducing the size of government and de-funding unnecessary programs.


  • Centre the curriculum around the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Restore the primacy of Western Civilisation and the Australian achievement.
  • Eliminate critical race theory and gender queer theory in all aspects of the curriculum.

Poverty and justice

  • Phase out poker machines by diverting revenue during the phase-out period into an industry adjustment fund.
  • If a phase out of poker machines can’t be achieved, support the cashless gaming card.
  • Gather the homeless from the streets each night into a communal shelter where they are connected to services committed to settling them in long term secure housing.


  • Protect freedom of speech and religion – legislate to protect the right of churches and schools’ freedom to hire staff in accordance with an organisation’s religious ethos.
  • Make it an offence to sack a person based on their religious beliefs.


  • Protect pain-capable unborn babies by banning late term abortions. Ban sex-selection abortions. Make it a criminal offence for a man to coerce a woman to kill her unborn baby.
  • Support women practically so no woman is faced with no other choice but to take the life of her unborn baby.
  • Advocate, through public education, for the public to fall in love again with unborn babies so that abortion becomes unthinkable.
  • Repeal euthanasia laws and better resource palliative care.