Wasteful spending by both sides of politics has baked in four decades of Commonwealth budget deficits.

The latest Intergenerational Report released this week paints a grim picture for the future.

Having aborted large numbers of babies in the past few generations, by 2063 the number of over 65s will be double with not enough workers to support spending on essential services for them.

The NDIS is out of control and the budget deceit is expected to be $72.3 billion by 2063 with nothing but red ink in the government’s accounts until well beyond.

The Australian’s Simon Benson says Australia’s books are cooked for the next 40 years.

“The great clash is coming, with an ageing population, shrinking revenue base, geo-strategic risk and demand for services provided by the state that will undermine the integrity of the budget for the next 40 years.”

To think the Howard Government left office in 2007 with the budget in surplus.

Electricity prices will continue to rise as the government continues to close cheap and reliable generators and roll out its unachievable program of windmills, solar panels and new transmission towers and wires.

Family First believes with fiscal discipline, a pausing of the net zero program until viable alternative energy sources like nuclear are properly investigated and prudent stewardship of Australia’s wealth – a better future can be created.

Our nation does not lack resources but it lacks leaders with common sense.

While ever taxes are high, energy is expensive and business is saddled with red tape, productivity is going to be low.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Intergenerational Report proves our politicians, from both sides, are steering us in the wrong direction.

It is a wakeup call.