Thank you for your timely gift today to help build the Senate Fighting Fund.

Your support is vital in helping your Family First candidates establish themselves and your party’s brand ahead of the next election.

With your generous gift, you're giving your candidates a head start as they boldly speak out for faith, life, family and freedom.

This early action is so important because it allows your Family First to stand against the tide of woke ideology and ensure that traditional family values are protected.

Your gift will make a real difference in this fight as it enables your candidates to:

  • Recruit and resource an army of field volunteers who’ll take your message from house to house.
  • Spread awareness about your Family First's positive plan through powerful advertising campaigns.
  • Train and equip bold, credible and articulate candidates who’ll make a strong stand for your values across Australia.

By giving today, you're ensuring that this campaign isn't left until the last minute.

Together, you and I can raise a much-needed voice for faith, life, family and freedom so future generations of Australians can flourish.

Yours sincerely,

Lyle Shelton
National Director
Family First Party