The phrase “her penis” was used in court documents this week to describe a 31-year-old’s exposure to a 14-year-old boy in a Sydney shopping centre public toilet.

This is clearly a nonsense and an insult to women and girls.

The man, who identifies as a woman, was sentenced to two years in prison after he grabbed the boy in what was ultimately an unsuccessful attempt to have him perform a sex act on what the court continually described as “her penis”.

The boy fled the toilet facility and was pursued by the attacker through the Bankstown shopping centre.

You can read the case here but discretion is advised.

Society needs to return to telling the truth about gender.

While this incident occurred in a male toilet, it could easily have occurred in a female only space and justifies the concerns of girls’ and women’s rights campaigners.

People who are struggling with their gender identity deserve society’s utmost care and compassion.

But language and the truth it conveys about human biology should not be changed to accommodate the demands of LGBTIQA+ political activists.

Family First believes politicians need to have the courage to say “no” to these political activists.

Reasonable discrimination has been removed against LGBTIQA+ people but current demands have become farcical, as this case demonstrates.

But with woke corporates and government insisting on preferred pronouns that defy biology in email signature blocks, its only logical that our courts are reduced to describing assaults in this manner.

Girls and women are the losers and children become more vulnerable.