Family First exists to restore Australia by restoring the primacy of the family in public policy. This will be achieved through a grass roots political party which raises courageous voices in our nation’s parliaments.

We will fight against the radical anti-family attitudes and policies of modern politics

Protecting families starts with upholding our Judeo-Christian ethic – the source of every Australian’s freedoms regardless of whether they are religious or not. – from the those with ancient ancestry to the newest immigrant.

Defending the Australian family means protecting all that we value about our culture, its people, and the Australian democratic way of life.

All this is under threat from a radical left and libertarian right which challenges the very concept of family itself and is becoming more and more coercive.

While all people are to be respected and valued, Family First advocates democratically for the promotion of marriage between one man and one woman for the good of any children they conceive or adopt.

Family First believes humans are male or female and that public policy must reflect biological reality.

Family First contends that healthy families make for healthy communities which in turn make a nation strong and vibrant. Citizens should be free to discuss the ideal model of family and advocate for it without fear.

Pressure to be silent on these matters has made Family First even more determined to engage the political fray.

For whether it’s protecting human life from conception to natural death, the timeless definition of marriage, the natural family, religious education, religious freedom and speech – each are intrinsic to establishing meaning and structure that are indispensable to the health and wellbeing of society.  

It’s the reason we, at Family First, remain uncompromising in our advocacy for virtues which help families flourish. Because when families flourish, individuals flourish and the nation in turn flourishes.

Australia has a bright future if we put what Australian families value first. That’s why we must raise courageous voices in our parliaments who will influence policy for the freedom of your faith and family. We believe this is worth fighting for and we hope you will join us.