Family First supports Senator Matt Canavan’s call for the Coalition and Labor to immediately abandon net zero.

“We cannot get to net zero by 2050 – most politicians know that,” Canavan told Spectator TV host Alexandra Marshall on ADH TV late yesterday.

“We are lying to the Australian people (about net zero),” he said.

Both sides of politics were responsible for the mess that energy policy in Australia had become and if Australia wanted to have the jobs which come from heavy industries like steel making, aluminium smelting and petroleum refining it would need cheap coal and nuclear energy in the future.

Australia’s electricity prices have skyrocketed since the nation started subsidising windmills and solar panels, something that has ramped up under the Albanese Government.

Electricity prices are a major driver of inflation which in turn is driving the cost-of-living crisis.

Family First has long called for net zero to be paused until proper engineering and economic analysis has been done.

It’s been clear net zero has been a blank cheque to pursue technologies which are unproven yet the nation is rushing ahead a breakneck speed while power bills keep rising.

Family First applauds Senator Canavan's honesty.