The ACT Labor Government flies under the radar but it is so extreme it makes Victoria’s Daniel Andrews look moderate.

The Labor-Green administration announced this week the forced takeover of a private hospital run by an order of nuns of the Catholic Church, the Little Company of Mary.

With no consultation, the health minster introduced legislation to compulsorily acquire the hospital located on Canberra’s north side.

The government will deny this, but a key motivator is the fact that Calvary refuses to conduct elective abortions – that is the killing of healthy unborn babies with a healthy mother.

In a jurisdiction which has just introduced Australia’s first regime of free abortions, Calvary is a thorn in Chief Minister Andrew Barr’s side.

Calvary also refuses to kill patients by euthanasia, a stance hated by the radical in the Barr government.

The hospital is an oasis of life amid a culture of death.

But that light is about to be snuffed out with brute force.

Often the extreme policies enacted by politicians in the ACT are forerunners which embolden other state governments.

Dan Andrews would surely be considering his options against pesky pro-life hospitals refusing to kill babies and euthanise the vulnerable in Victoria.

It’s getting harder in Australia to run a religious institution, be it a hospital or a school.

If it wasn’t for the Christian church, Australia would not have had a hospital system.

Such is the disdain for the church that a brutal green-left government has pulled on the jackboots and moved in.

This totalitarian action will send a chill up the spine of every pro-life hospital in the nation.

But if they can do it to a hospital, why not a Christian school that refuses to teach LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology and same-sex marriage?