A country which has no confidence in its founding has no future.

Sadly, this is where Australia has come to under the Albanese Labor government.

Clearly the Prime Minister’s hand-picked High Commissioner in London, former Labor minister Stephen Smith, hates Australia’s founding because he has cancelled the traditional Australia Day celebration hosted each year by the Commission to showcase our great nation.

If Anthony Albanese believed in Australia’s founding he would overrule this un-Australian decision.

But it’s like our elites have learned nothing from their defeat in the divisive Voice referendum.

Australians clearly care about indigenous people, they just believe we live in a great nation where everyone is equal.

They are tired of being told we can’t celebrate who we are.

A spokesperson for Smith told The Sydney Morning Herald: “It is well known that Australia Day touches on sensitivities for some Australians.

“The high commissioner is happy to acknowledge that was part of the decision-making process with respect to the various alternative dates suggested by the (Australia Day) foundation.”

Foundation head Phil Aiken told the Herald:

“I was very disappointed to be told that it was not appropriate to have a function around Australia Day that might be interpreted as insensitive back in Australia. It’s been supported by the High Commission for 20 years, so it’s very sad.”

January 26,1788 was the day the first fleet arrived at Port Jackson in Sydney Harbour, representing the founding of the colony of New South Wales which paved the way for Australia to become one of the greatest nations on earth.

Two French frigates lay at anchor in nearby Botany Bay having only been beaten by a few days as they raced to try and claim Australia first.

While British settlement did disposes Aboriginal people and some were massacred, the British generally strove to treat the original inhabitants well and enforce the law equally regardless of race, even if they were often misguided and didn’t always live up to their ideals.

Despite Australia’s historical blemishes, a successful multi-racial nation has been created which is the envy of the world evidenced by the fact that people from developing nations are desperate to come here and start a new life.

This success and egalitarianism is now threatened by the emergence of identity politics and the politics of perpetual victimhood, as demonstrated by Stephen Smith’s cancelling of our national day.

The founding of Australia, albeit initially as a penal colony, was one of Britain’s greatest achievements.

It should be celebrated in London.