Family First has called on Dan Andrews and Matthew Guy to drop their support for so-called “gender affirmation” therapy after Britain’s National Health Service recommended a change to practice guidelines last week.

“Sadly both Labor and the Coalition support the controversial treatment of gender-confused children with harmful puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and even irreversible surgery,” Lead Candidate Lee Jones said.

Family First's story in the Herald Sun this week.

“But the UK has reviewed these practices, found them to be hurting children and has recommended change,” Mr Jones said.

This follows the closure of the controversial Tavistock child gender clinic in London after a review by prominent paediatrician Dr Hillary Cass.

“Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy must tell Victorian parents why they will not now review the practices at the child gender clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

The NHS’s proposed guidelines scrap the “gender affirmation” approach which children who are struggling with their gender identity are encouraged to pursue change.

The NHS also said last week that most children struggling with their gender identity were simply going through a phase they would grow out of.

But in Victoria, these guidelines would be against the Change and Suppression Act, which criminalises parents, doctors, priests, imams and counsellors who try to help a child stay away from a gender clinic.

“Again, sadly and ironically, Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy are on a unity ticket in sending parents to jail who wish to protect their children in-line with the evidence-based approach now being taken in the UK.

“Victorian parents are looking for political leaders who will protect their family from the threat of radical political correctness. “There’s nothing more radical than medically altering a child’s gender with chemicals and irreversible surgery,” Mr Jones said.