Labor’s plan to switch five million homes that rely on gas every day to electricity will hike prices further and will make the energy grid even more unstable.

Jon Seeley, managing director of Seeley International, today criticised the Albanese Government’s “obsession” with ending the use of gas in homes and businesses.

“This consistent push to fully electrify our homes and businesses, despite the enormous cost to families, will put our already fragile energy grid under enormous pressure,” Seeley said.

The Family First Party agrees.

While the Albanese Government has unveiled plans for a “net-zero authority” to assist coal-reliant regional communities to transition from high emissions industries, many in the energy industry are warning about the risks of pushing families off gas and the potential for increased coal use.

Windmills and solar panels will not be able to absorb the increased demand as they are unreliable sources of electricity.

Families will face further increases to their energy bills as they are forced to transition away from gas, and many may not be able to afford the changes.

Gas stoves provide precise temperature control, fast heat-up times, and better control over the cooking process.

The government’s push against gas stoves will force families towards less efficient and more expensive electric stoves.

Family First has long argued that the gas industry should play a vital role, along with nuclear,  in transitioning to renewables, should affordable and reliable renewable energy sources be discovered.

But led by the Greens, Labor demonises gas.