Family First condemns the Albanese Government’s decision overnight to grant a Palestinian entity full membership at the United Nations.

The raping of women, murderous slaughter of innocent people in their homes and the other terror tactics of October 7 like hostage-taking should not be rewarded.

Australia’s vote shows moral inversion has overtaken the government.

Despite being weak on Israel’s need to destroy Hamas, the United States will veto last night’s vote.

Albanese is playing a dangerous game with our most important national security relationship – the US alliance.

How can a people who support Hamas’s “river to the sea” calls for a second Holocaust be allowed anywhere near the UN?

Only when the Islamist terror agenda of too many of the Palestinian people has been completely disavowed can there be any discussion about governance arrangements in Gaza and the West Bank.

The UN was established in the wake of World War II in large part as a reaction to the Holocaust to ensure that what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis never happened again.

It’s why the UN Charter, an excellent enunciation of basic human rights, was crafted and adopted by member states.

Hamas, which has 70 per cent support amongst the Palestinian people, has no regard for human rights and has vowed to repeat October 7 repeatedly.

It’s backer, Iran, wants Israel wiped off the map.

Yet Australia’s Foreign minister Penny Wong is pushing for a ceasefire which would leave Hamas terror battalions intact so they can re-group and kill Jews another day.

It was left to Israel’s ambassador to the UN to state the obvious as most nations voted to reward the modern-day Nazis of Palestine.

Here’s how The Australian’s Adam Creighton reported what happened:

In dramatic scenes a furious Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan put a copy of the UN charter into a paper shredder while holding up a photograph of Hamas’s leader Yahya Sinwar with the word ‘president’.

“You are shredding the UN charter with your own hands … That’s what you’re doing, shredding the UN charter. Shame on you,” he told the chamber, adding the US would be letting a “terror state … into its ranks” that would be led by the “Hitler of our times”.

He accused UN member nations of not mentioning Hamas’ October 7th attack in southern Israel, which killed 1,200 people, and seeking “to reward modern-day Nazis with rights and privileges.”

The ambassador said if an election were held today, Hamas would win, warning members were “about to grant privileges and rights to the future terror state of Hamas.”

Under the UN Charter, prospective members of the United Nations must be “peace-loving” and the Security Council must recommend their admission to the General Assembly for final approval. Palestine became a U.N. non-member observer state in 2012.

Shame on Penny Wong and Anthony Albanese. They have disgraced Australia and put us on the side of Islamist terrorists.