The flood of antisemitic hate preaching from western Sydney Muslim leaders since the October 7 atrocities committed by Hamas raises serious questions about the safety of Jews and non-Muslims in Australia.

That’s because extremist Islam starts with killing Jews then moves to Christians and other “infidels”.

It must be called out.

A Muslim cleric took things to another level in a video released yesterday of his December 22 sermon where he appeared to praise the rapes of women, torture, baby killing and murders of 1200 people committed when Orc-like Islamist terrorists raided Israel screaming ecstatically “Allahu Akbar”.

“In Gaza, we've seen the Quranic truth (about Jews being cowardly) with our own eyes, when these cowards collapsed in the face of the attacks of the mujahideen, and ran away from them like rats,” sheikh Ahmed Zoud ranted at Lakemba’s As-Sunnah mosque in southwest Sydney.

These “attacks of the mujahideen” on October 7 were unspeakable inhuman acts of barbarity not fitting of the support of anyone who claims to be part of civil society.

Above: from today's The Australian - Sheikh Ahmed Zoud

Surely the Australian National Imams Council must now break its silence and condemn Hamas and condemn sheikh Ahmed Zoud along with the other western Sydney hate preachers who have insulted Jews and called for their killing.

Ridiculously, Australians are currently being dragged before human rights commissions and tribunals for “misgendering” men who seek to play sport against women while no action is taken against true hate speech.

I am embroiled in a three-and-a-half year “vilification” legal case brought against me by two LGBTIQA+ drag queens after I said their gender-fluid and sexualised personas made them dangerous role models for children (comments I stand by).

Yet New South Wales Police have so far said none of the Western Sydney Muslim hate preachers have a case to answer.

Muslim hate preacher Abu Ousayd can freely call Israelis “descendants of pigs and monkeys” in a sermon at the Al Madina Dawah Centre on December 29.

The Australian reported in November that “Wissan Haddad, who runs the Al Madina Dawah Centre, preached a sermon citing Islamic scripture and parables that referenced ‘the end of times when Muslims would be fighting the Jews and ‘the trees will speak’.”

He went on to say: “They will say ‘oh Muslim, there is a yahud (Arabic for Jew) behind me, come and kill him’.”

Apparently this is fine according to NSW Police, despite its incitement to violence.

Family First condemns the antisemitic hate preaching emanating from mosques and Islamic centres in western Sydney.

Vilification laws must be reformed so that true hate crimes that incite violence are punished and freedom of speech restored.

Here’s some text from sheikh Ahmed Zoud’s antisemitic rant, a diatribe the likes of which has been rarely seen since the Hitler regime of the 1930s.

Who are these criminals who perpetrate these crimes? Who are the terrorists who act and behave this way? Who are these monsters from whose hearts mercy has been ripped out?

My people, these are the Zionists. These are the Jews. However, not all of the Jews are like that; just most of them. The most important characteristic of the Jews is that they are bloodthirsty. They love to shed blood. From an early age, they raise their children on terrorism, violence, and killing.

Jews remain Jews. They are not changed by the passing of time. Oh Muslims, servants of Allah, betrayal and treachery are among the characteristics of the Jews. Betrayal is one of their traits, and treachery is a characteristic deeply rooted in them.

In Gaza, we've seen the Quranic truth [about Jews being cowardly] with our own eyes, when these cowards collapsed in the face of the attacks of the mujahideen, and ran away from them like rats.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right to say: “Hamas must be destroyed, Gaza must be demilitarised, and Palestinian society must be deradicalised. These are the three prerequisites for peace between Israel and its Palestinian neighbours in Gaza”.

Australia must do its bit and ensure Muslim Australians are not radicalised by the sort of hate preaching spewing from western Sydney mosques and Islamic centres.

It shames all Australians that this is occurring with silence from the Albanese Government and no action from the police.

Action: Join the political party that is fighting for the restoration of Judeo-Christian values of peace, tolerance and love. Become a supporter or better still a member today.