A heavily pregnant woman who wrote “not yet a human” across her belly, was due to give birth the next day.

Amanda Herring, 32, was protesting last month in Washington DC against the Supreme Court of the United States decision to allow elected representatives to determine abortion policy.

Images of her pregnant midriff protest went viral on social media around the world.

“I am very pregnant – I am due tomorrow,” Herring told NBC.

Her views, which are out of step with mainstream thinking on abortion, mirror those of Australian politicians who have legislated abortion-to-birth in most States.

Herring said it was not murder to kill an unborn baby the day before birth, something Australian law permits.

While late term abortions are relatively rare, they do happen even when there is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

Despite public unease about late abortion, Australian state politicians have routinely rejected amendments to outlaw the practice because to do so means acknowledging the humanity of the unborn.

Babies surviving premature birth earlier and earlier with care in neo natal units has made coherent policy problematic for supporters of abortion.

News.com.au shone a light on the conundrum, highlighting the reaction to Herring’s swollen belly protest of pro-abortion supporters:

“Ya, this is not going to help the pro-choice community, this is exactly what pro-lifers are concerned about,” one person said.

Another agreed, “Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice I don’t know how someone that far along can deny that they have a human being inside them.”

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