The Liberal party has bought into the false reality created by the LGBTIQA+ political movement.

The Age newspaper revealed this week that a man by the name of Rochelle Pattison, who identifies as a woman, is chair of the Knox Ranges Liberal Women group in Victoria.

Pattison, who is referred to as a so-called “transwoman”, has also announced he is contesting pre-selection for the federal seat of Kooyong, once held by former treasurer Josh Frydenberg but lost to the Teals.

One only wonders what party founder Sir Robert Menzies would make of this.

A woman has missed an opportunity for political advancement because her place has been taken by a man.

The Liberal party really does have a woman problem but not for the reasons their leftist critics assert.

Instead of calling out the injustice Pattison has caused by robbing a woman of opportunity and the dangers to girls and women of normalising LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology, the Liberals are affirming of him and the ideology.

Former state upper house MP Cathrine Burnett-Wake, who is a member of the Victorian Liberal Party’s administrative committee and member of the executive of the Liberal Women’s Council of Victoria, told The Age she was “delighted to see a diverse range of candidates stepping forward for the Liberal Party’s pre-selection processes, a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and representation”.

“Among these candidates is Rochelle Pattison, whose decision to nominate is a significant and celebratory milestone,” Burnett-Wake said.

“As an accomplished individual and a trans woman, Rochelle’s participation enriches our party’s dialogue and mirrors the diverse society we aim to represent.”

The Age also spoke to Liberal “sources” who did not have the courage to give their names.

“I think it will be welcomed,” a Liberal source said in response to the idea of a man identifying as a woman contesting pre-selection as a “woman”.

“There are people who will not be positive about it, but they are a minority. She (the biological male Pattison) has campaigned for them and has never encountered hostility,” the source told The Age.

The Age reported: “A separate party source, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that Pattison ‘has a lot to offer the party and the general public – she is a very accomplished woman’.”

Except that’s not true. A man cannot be an “accomplished woman” and the Liberal Party should have the courage to say this.

But of course, the Liberals have been at war with the idea of biological reality and the safety for girls, women and children this reality protects.

Victorian Upper House MP Moira Deeming was viciously slurred by Liberal Leader John Pesutto as a “Nazi sympathiser” because she attended a rally upholding girls’ and women’s rights.

Pesutto and his parliamentary colleagues voted to expel Deeming from the party room and she remains an outcast.

She is suing Pesutto for defamation in a bid to clear her name and protect her family’s honour.

The Liberal Party’s anti-girl, anti-women and anti-family stance is why Family First is being re-built as a political force in Australia.

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