Stories about “men” giving birth are becoming passé, despite their inherent untruth.

We are either no longer shocked or we are simply fatigued.

Media serve a constant diet of the outworking of rainbow ideology, uncritically.

Much of society is indoctrinated, especially the young.

The latest tale of seemingly defying biology is of two Melbourne women, one of whom, Kim Lee, claims to be a man who has just had a baby.

Her (or, according to preferred pronouns, “his”) wife is July Lies (pronounced Julie Lees).

After July was unable to become pregnant through IVF, Lee decided to dial back her testosterone injections so her body could function naturally again allowing her to fall pregnant.

Both women created embryos with the help of at least one sperm donor.

Both Lee and Lies are listed as “parents” on baby Morgan’s birth certificate.

From the Nine newspapers feature

Morgan has no father and it would presumably be offensive for him (or is it her as rainbow ideology deems “assigning gender” to babies presumptuous) to refer to Lee as his or her mother.


Not as much as a new rainbow generation cut adrift from biological parents and biological reality.

The couple’s obstetrician, Dr Scott Shemer at the Royal Women’s Hospital’s Frances Perry House said:

“The shape of families coming to see me is so different now; I see in my waiting room now we have three surrogates, I’m looking after so many single patients who come in with sperm donors, there are more women in their 40s and 50s with egg donors.

“Society puts so many barriers on who can access pregnancy care. We have this vision of a family behind a white picket fence, mum, dad and two healthy kids. It’s just very, very different now and every person deserves the right to create the family they want. We need to make this visible.”

The lengthy feature story of Lees and Lies doesn’t discuss the ethics of surrogacy or sperm donation.

Journalist Wendy Tuohy, Nine newspapers’ senior writer focusing on social issues and those impacting women and girls, simply assumes these are self-evidently good.

Tuohy seems to know nothing of the multiple parliamentary inquiries forced on politicians by children denied the love and knowledge of their natural parents because of assisted reproductive practices.

She seems to know nothing of the ethics of hiring out women’s wombs and creating a commercial trade in human babies, a key demand of same-sex marriage activists who also want gay married men to have access to what Shema calls “pregnancy care”.

Rainbow ideology is re-shaping our society at a rapid rate with no discussion about the impacts on children and women who become gestational carriers for “rainbow families”.

We are even allowing rainbow ideology to re-shape language and reality.

This is embodied in this from Tuohy’s piece:

Lee says. “I want the majority of the straight, cis-gendered population to be reminded that we’re human first.” (“Cisgendered” means people who identify as the same gender they were given at birth).

When were any of us asked to buy in to the idea that we are not manifestly male or female without the bizarre qualifier “cis”?

Do we really believe men give birth?

It’s time ethics, logic and science were applied to the political and cultural demands of LGBTIQ+ activists.

Lyle Shelton is National Director of Family First. Sign up for updates.