Finally, light is being shone.

After years of ignoring concerns about the well-being of children undergoing so-called gender transitioning, light is finally being shone on controversial LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics.

Channel 7’s Spotlight program lived up to its name on Sunday night with reporter Liam Bartlett scrutinizing the industry which is chemically castrating children and physically mutilating them in the name of LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.

Victims and parents of victims were allowed to tell their stories for the first time on legacy media without being demonised as bad people for not following the LGBTIQA+ politically correct narrative.

Clinical experts who have blown the whistle were also allowed to speak, including Senior Psychiatrist Dr Jillian Spencer who was stood down from her job at the Queensland Children’s Hospital child gender clinic for questioning the so-called “gender affirming” approach.

This approach forces parents, clinicians and counsellors by law in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT to “affirm” a child’s gender confusion, putting them on a train to irreversible puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and even surgical mutilation of their breasts and genitalia.

Jail terms apply for anyone not affirming a child’s gender confusion.

“I see this as a really serious child protection issue,” Spencer told Bartlett.

“As a 45-year-old woman and as a mother and as a child psychiatrist I could not hold my head up if I didn’t speak about this.”

Spencer cares about kids and wants her job back but reckons management just want her gone.

Paediatrician Dr Dylan Wilson told Bartlett what was happening was a “medical scandal”.

“It’s not possible to change your sex. No human can change their sex,” he said.

None of the heads of Australia’s child gender clinics would speak to Spotlight but professor Ian Hickie of the University of Sydney granted what turned out to be a testy interview with Bartlett.

He told Bartlett that it’s a good thing that there is an epidemic of children, influenced by social media, showing up at child gender clinics looking to change gender.

“The idea that we are simple binary people, simple male and female and that we are happy with that does not respect what has been known for centuries that a great number of young people are not so binary.

“They’re not so fixed as our whole society becomes more inclusive and less rigid.

“It’s not simply just a fad, it is not a fashion it is getting closer to what has always been the reality.”

Sadly, very few other media outlets have picked up on what should be a running story.

It seems like no politicians have spoken out.

There should be a Royal Commission into what is going on in Australia’s child gender clinics.

The ABC, which just weeks ago ran a story on Four Corners justifying experimental gender conversion therapies on children, only mentioned the Spotlight story to carry criticism of it by a young male social media influencer who has transitioned to a woman and just had breast augmentation surgery.

Before and after images of Grace Hyland were used in the promotion of the Spotlight program.

He was unhappy with being associated with it because unlike the other transgender people featured, he did not regret transitioning to a girl.

Hyland said treating children with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery was fine, something several of the de-transitioners featured vehemently disagreed with.

Chloe Cole, a US de-transitioner featured, said she was 15 when she had her breasts removed.

Another Australian de-transitioner said she transitioned because she was looking for social acceptance and now regretted irreversibly harming her body.

Hyland called for more funding for child gender clinics.

"It (child gender conversion) doesn't need this negativity."

Family First believes the child gender clinics should be closed and it should be unlawful for puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and gender reassignment surgery to be administered to minors.

LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology should immediately be banned from being taught or promoted in schools and there should be a Royal Commission into gender conversion therapy.