Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who today announced his run for President of the United States, is the type of politician Australia needs.

Sadly, we have no one in leadership like him, which is why Family First is building a political party to deliver DeSantis-like parliamentarians over time.

Not afraid to take on the toxic woke mind virus afflicting most politicians in the West, he has protected unborn humans with a heartbeat, protected children from harmful LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology, restored parents’ rights and made Florida an attractive place for business investment.

He’s taken on the wokest of woke corporate America, Disney, which is indoctrinating children harmful into gender fluid and age-inappropriate sexual concepts.

People and businesses are flocking to Florida from the failed woke states of California and the Pacific Northwest.

DeSantis has proven that with will and courage, fighting the culture wars is a winning strategy.

In contrast, Australia’s Liberal Party deputy leader Susan Ley has told Liberals not to fight the culture wars like the ones that put biological males in girls’ toilets.

The Victorian Liberals have expelled Moira Deeming for fighting for girls’ and women’s rights.

While the Liberals cower in fear, Mainstream Floridians cheer DeSantis for doing what they lack courage.

Victoria’s Labor Premier Daniel Andrews hates him for banning sexualised LGBTIQA+ drag queens from reading to children.

Andrews’ animus is enough to know DeSantis is on the right track.

While Donald Trump has been a necessary disruptor of the dangerous woke direction politics is travelling, his narcissism, belittling of people and his moral failures (although probably not a patch on Bill Clinton’s and JFK’s) have been serious lead in his saddle bags.

Trump without the chaos is how many see DeSantis.

America needs to be great again because it is the leader of the free world. To lose that status, and it is slipping badly, is to hand global dominance to the criminal organisation that is the Chinese Communist Party.

America, while far from perfect, is far better to hold the global balance of power than the CCP aligned with Russia, Iran and North Korea.

DeSantis will now face off with Trump and others in the primaries for the Republican nomination to contest the Presidential race next year.

This will most likely be against the cognitively impaired Joe Biden whose strings are pulled by faceless people prosecuting an anti-family, anti-Western civilisation agenda.

It has been a long time since someone with sound policies, but more importantly sound character, has been this close to the White House.

Character is the most important ingredient for a leader. While it will be an uphill battle, DeSantis is a better pick.