It’s hard to know what will cause politicians to act.

Presently they are trapped like rabbits in the rainbow headlights, unable to bring themselves to protect children lured into LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.

Not even yet another impassioned plea from medical experts at the weekend has shifted the dial.

Two Australian psychiatrists are the latest to call out what is arguably the greatest medical scandal of our time, the attempted gender conversion of children using chemicals and mutilating surgery.

Monash Medical Centre child and adolescent psychiatrist George Halasz and Andrew Amos, an academic psychiatrist who has previously held a training role with Queensland’s health department, have risked their careers and status in polite society to write an article in the journal of Australasian Psychiatry reminding doctors that they should be doing no harm to children.

Health professionals, like Dr Jillian Spencer at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, have been stood down for questioning the so-called “affirmative” model for dealing with children suffering from gender confusion.

To recommend any care that does not move a child along the pathway to transitioning is not allowed.

Just as the Halasz and Amos article dropped, the “affirmative” brigade who run Australia’s child gender clinics shot back, doubling down on their controversial experiments on children.

The Australian reports:

“Paediatricians and their colleagues at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne – home of the nation’s leading experts in gender-affirmative medicine and the self-appointed setters of quasi-national guidelines adopted by most of the country’s children’s hospitals – quietly published an updated version of their standards of care that endorse a radical expansion of the affirmative model.”

In other words, doctors and counsellors are bound to keep children on the “trans train” despite the fact that the UK, Finland, Sweden and many United States states have abandoned the “affirmation” model because of the harm it has done to children.

The UK last year closed its Tavistock child gender clinic after a review by eminent paediatrician Dr Hillary Cass found children were being harmed.

“I think it’s wise that any hospital that has been following what’s happened to the Tavistock to start to distance itself as much as possible, as urgently as possible, lest they suffer the same fate,” Professor Halasz said.

“What I would ask is, where is the transparency? Where (are) the outcomes of the procedures, whether they are social transitioning procedures, or medical procedures of prescribing puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones?

“And where is the data on the number of surgical interventions that follow after the Royal Children’s Hospital care is finished and these patients transition over to adult services? Where is the data? Or the follow-up to document detransitioners? Where is the evidence?”

Dr Amos said:

“As someone involved in the education of training psychiatrists, I am particularly concerned at how effective trans advocacy has been in training young doctors to reflexively reject any evidence that there might be negative consequences to gender-affirming care.

“Trainees appear to believe that simply acknowledging there are alternative approaches to gender dysphoria actually threatens harm to the transgender community. I would describe that as magical thinking.

“I think there’s been a failure of leadership across medicine. Individual practitioners have been able to have huge influence because medical colleges have not stepped in to provide guidance.”

Family First is running a “close the gender clinics” campaign. Please sign the petition.