Religious schools are fast losing their ability to be religious as Queensland’s Palaszczuk Labor government becomes the latest to attack parents’ rights.

Woke LGBTIQA+ activists have convinced governments in Victoria and the Northern Territory to strip religious schools of the right to employ staff who share the views of their parent communities.

Until recently religious schools were free to uphold their beliefs about marriage, the science of gender and their morals on sexual behaviour in accordance with the Koran or the Bible.

Queensland is the latest state to force rainbow ideology on schools which have a different world view.

Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman is expected to respond any day now to a woke “human rights” commission report which is expected to recommend removing the freedoms from schools.

Media reports say the commission doesn’t believe it is necessary for religious schools to have teachers who support their religious beliefs.

But who made the “human rights” commission the judge?

Fentiman claims there will be “extensive consultation” before any changes are made but no one is expecting that to result in the freedoms being preserved.

Christian Schools Australia director of public policy Mark Spencer summed up the crisis best:

“No parent is forced to choose a Christian or other faith-based school for their child, but those who want to do so should have that right,” he said.

“The right qualifications to work in a Christian school are best determined by that school, based on their needs and how they want to achieve their goals.

“If the Palaszczuk government is genuinely committed to ensuring choice in schooling they will ensure that schools can choose staff suitable for their school, including on the basis of faith without unnecessary government interference.”

Sadly, in this intolerant post-same-sex marriage era, governments like Palaszczuk’s think it is their duty to decide the bounds of parents’ religious freedoms.

Family First stands with the Christian schools movement and other faith-based schools in their quest to remain free and provide choice to parents.

Five years after same-sex marriage prompted both Liberal and Labor to promise religious freedom laws, nothing has happened.

More than 13,000 Family First supporters and members have signed this petition calling on the Albanese government to act.

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