The Coalition is right to say Labor’s 2030 legislated targets to reduce emissions by 43 per cent will fail and that it will not back them.

Until now, the bi-partisan approach to reducing Australia’s emissions has achieved only pain for people who pay electricity bills.

But just when a clear break from policy driven by climate catastrophism seemed possible, Liberal leader Petter Dutton yesterday committed to staying in the Paris Agreement.

This is seen as a win for the so-called “moderates” whose policies are actually extreme and painful to mainstream Australians.

The Coalition, like Labor, continue to follow the lead of the radical Greens whose influence is hurting families economically and socially.

The Paris accord requires signatories to achieve net zero by 2050, despite lacking detail on the costs and the economic feasibility of overhauling electricity generation systems.

The globalists and Greens behind the Paris agreement assume windmills, solar panels and yet-to-be-developed battery and hydrogen technology will achieve this.

While unplanned immigration is contributing to the housing crisis, no policy has done more to drive the cost-of-living crisis than net zero.

Australia contributes a minuscule 1.3% to global carbon emissions. The notion that our peoples’ sacrifices could significantly alter the global temperature is laughable.

The economic burden on Australian families and businesses is disproportionate to the impact we can realistically achieve.

The Climate Council's assertion that the Coalition’s lack of support for Labor's 2030 targets will lead to more natural disasters is equally flawed.

This is simply dishonest scaremongering.

Even the IPCC, the supposed leading authority on climate science, has stated there is no definitive link between human emissions and the frequency of extreme weather events.

Jim Skea, Chair of the IPCC, highlighted this in a 2018 interview: “If you constantly talk about extremes, people may think that the only impact of climate change is an increase in weather disasters. It can also lead to misunderstanding what the real risks are.”

Coalition Senator Matt Canavan yesterday openly defied Peter Dutton, writing on X: “I vote to go back to the world where Australia had some of the lowest power prices in the world. That is before we signed up this useless Paris Agreement. Get out of Paris now!”

Sadly it seems the so-called “moderates” in the Liberals have won the day with their extremely expensive approach to electricity.

The Family First Party has consistently argued against policies that unnecessarily harm our economy and households.

Family First believes net zero should be paused until a proper economic and engineering analysis is done of the costs and feasibility.

Instead of chasing unrealistic targets, we should focus on practical measures that ensure energy reliability and affordability.

The folly of undermining our economy in a futile attempt to influence global temperatures must be recognised by policy makers.

New Zealand, which now has a conservative government under Christopher Luxon, last week realised the folly of its net zero polices and reversed the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration.

There is no industrialised country in world where windmills, solar panels and batteries provide reliable and remotely affordable power.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his “energy” minister Chris Bowen seem determined to make Australia the first.

Action: Join the fight for affordable and reliable electricity. Join Family First today.