If a referendum was held on ditching net zero and gender-fluid ideology, it would pass by a similar 60-40 majority.

Nothing epitomised the two Australia’s exposed in the Voice referendum more than the Tesla drivers pulling up at pre-poll last week.

I grew up in regional Queensland but watching well-healed people on the Teal North Shore who think they are saving the planet attempt to also save the Aboriginals was a revelation.

Decked in my No t-shirt and cap, several asked with faux sincerity why I was voting No.

While my fellow No volunteers and I at St Leonards and Willoughby might have felt we were getting smashed all last week, the rejection of the woke worldview at the ballot box by a thumping 60 percent majority will genuinely shock them.

Undeterred, they will agree with the indigenous elites running the Yes campaign that No voters must now go and reflect on their “racism”.

Having insisted that the Voice was “not about treaty”, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was this morning saying he is proceeding with treaty.

Clearly he just doesn’t get it.

Neither do the Teal suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney, the inner cities and the woke enclave of Canberra.

They are wealthy enough to imbibe the unrealistic and utopian ideas of the elites.

These people mainly work for either big woke corporates or government and have little understanding of mainstream Australia.

The North Shore is a gazillion miles from those on the other side of the Lane Cove River.

What the suburbs and regions pay for electricity and groceries don’t matter to them.

The damage maintaining indigenous people in welfare and a cultural Marxist victimhood mentality is also impossible for them to fathom. They just want to feel good about themselves and look down the nose at the unenlightened.

Now that the Voice referendum is over, the political class, which has also been captured by woke ideology, must urgently focus on cost of living and “de-woking” our schools.

If a referendum was held on ditching net zero and gender-fluid ideology, it would pass by a similar 60-40 majority.

All that’s needed is politicians with the courage to do what Jacinta Nampijinpa and Nyunggai Warren Mundine did and prosecute the arguments – in public.

Mainstream Australians know that windmills can’t power Teslas, let alone a modern economy.

They are sick of their kids being indoctrinated.

They no longer want to pay for the elites’ economic experiment of transitioning our energy grid when the economic and engineering is being made up as they go along.

This is all at huge cost for people in a country where energy is so abundant it used to be, and still could be, the cheapest in the world.

Australians also know that woke ideas about gender and marriage are harming children and are being used to crush freedom of speech and religion.

Yet the Liberal/Labor/Teal/Green quad which runs our politics is on board is not for turning.

They will continue to roll out the windmills and deny us affordable and efficient coal and gas. The Liberals are making noises about nuclear but nothing will happen this side of 2030 by which time it will be too late to pull out of the energy crisis.

The quad will not move on freedom of speech, religion or on standing up to the LGBTIQA+ political movement which defends the harmful child gender clinics.

This is why Family First is in the fight. It’s urgent that women and men are raised up who will argue in parliament and in public for the issues that matter to the mainstream.