Ever since Klaus Schwab uttered the words: “you will own nothing and you will be happy”, mainstream people have been saying “thanks, but no thanks” to the agenda of his World Economic Forum.

That line alone from the WEF founder and chairman shook millions out of apathy.

The WEF’s annual forum has just finished in the Swiss alpine village of Davos where its reputation for nutty-ness and hypocrisy has only been enhanced.

It might pass for a harmless side-show in the snow were it not for the fact that attendees consist of some of the world’s richest and most powerful people.

That they are also the world’s most woke, makes them dangerous.

Financiers, CEOs, celebrities and politicians make up the invitation-only guest list, hundreds of whom fly in on private jets to lecture the rest of us about reducing our carbon footprint.

(Note to Davos: we’ll give up our gas stoves if you give up your Gulf Streams).

Here are some of the crazy-dangerous claims made at Davos 2023:

  • Half of the world’s species are extinct (not will be, are) because of “climate change” – US Climate Envoy John Kerry
  • The oceans “are boiling” and there will be 1 billion “climate refugees” this century – Climate crusader Al Gore
  • The World Economic Forum is here to “master the future” – Klaus Schwab, WEF founder and chairman.

This latest clanger from Klaus was part of his opening speech last week.

He’s talking about a future where you are forced to live in “15-minute cities”, preferably without a car; a future where young people rent their whole lives like Russian serfs because houses are unaffordable; and where you eat bugs instead of meat (livestock emit methane) because of the “climate crisis”.

The WEF believes the “climate crisis” and LGBTIQA+ rights, including rights for men who want to identify as women, are the biggest issues facing the planet.

Part of Davos was lit up in rainbow colours for “pride on the promenade”.

Impressive for an “economic forum”.

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) reported on its website:

“Last night, the heads of state, CEOs, and civic and social leaders from around the globe were greeted with the Partnership for Global LGBTIQ+ Equality's ‘Pride on the Promenade,’ a united show of support for LGBTQ people through a rainbow light-up of multiple venues and signs across the Promenade, the main street of shops and cafes in Davos.

“But tonight’s rainbows must continue with action year-round. While the rainbows come down on the Promenade, the action from corporates cannot,” GLAAD threatened.

If anyone is wondering why corporates like Essendon Football Club summarily dismiss Bible-believing Christians, look no further than the pressure coming in part from the likes of the WEF.

Davos exists as a way of circumventing the democratic processes of pesky nation-sates which have accountable governments elected by citizens.

It is why Klaus Schwab boasts of “penetrating the cabinets” of governments around the world with graduates of his WEF Young Leaders program, such as Justin Trudeau of Canada and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand. It’s quite an alumni.

Both have pursued woke globalist polices with a vengeance to acclaim from global elites but Ardern stepped down last week saying she had “nothing left in the tank”.

Her WEF-inspired policies haven’t left much in NZ’s economic tank either, with inflation running rampant and business squeezed by red tape.  She’s left the country in an economic mess and she’s left herself deeply unpopular at home.

But she remains a darling of the global elite. Davos cares not for democracy.

“Davos Man”, to use the term coined by Samuel P Huntington to describe the quintessential globalist, owes his or her loyalty to a common humanity and is infused with a sense of virtuous duty towards those the globalist project is trying to “save”.

Huntington writes: “They constitute a world within a world, linked to each other by myriad global networks but insulated from the more hidebound members of their own societies. They abandon their commitment to their nation and their fellow citizens and argue the moral superiority of identifying with humanity at large.”

The rich and powerful getting together for a conference is no bad thing.

But Davos does beyond this with its “great reset” agenda to subvert national governments which are accountable to citizens.

The polls which prompted Ardern to resign are proof we need to cherish democracy and local citizenship above elites’ “borderless sophistication”.