Family First has followed the Liberals’ awful demonisation of Moira Deeming closely.

Because if the supposedly “conservative” side of politics can expel a bright young woman for standing up for the rights of girls and women, no mainstream Australian is safe.

Today it was revealed Deeming has taken the extraordinary, but in our view also necessary, step of ramping up her legal action against party leaders.

She is now suing Victorian Liberal deputy leader David Southwick for his part in leader John Pesutto’s fake Nazi slur of her in the wake of the Let Women Speak rally back in March this year.

Liberal Leader John Pesutto & Deputy David Southwick

Deeming and the rally participants were defending the right of girls and women to be free from the intrusion of biological males identifying as females in their private facilities and from dominating their sports.

The Australian reports that a first case management hearing for her suit against Pesutto has been set down for February 2, before Justice Michael Wheelahan.

The Let Women Speak rally was gate crashed by Neo Nazis who performed a Hitler salute. They had nothing to do with the rally but that didn’t stop former Premier Dan Andrews from accusing Deeming and the organisers of being Nazi associates.

Instead of standing up for girls’ and women’s rights, Pesutto preferred to be Andrews’ mini me, accusing Deeming of being a Nazi sympathiser.

With Southwick and the majority of Liberal colleagues, Pesutto had Deeming expelled from the party room.

Deeming’s concerns notice issued to Southwick on Wednesday accuses him of helping to organise her expulsion by spreading fake information.

“You … acted precipitately, presuming from the appearance of the neo-Nazis at or near Parliament House on 18 March 2023 that they were there to support the Let Women Speak rally and that there was an association between Kellie-Jay Keen and these neo-Nazis and far right-wing extremist groups,” the document states.

“This was false. You and others presumed, despite her denials, that Deeming was guilty of discrediting the parliamentary Liberal Party by that association and that she should be expelled from the parliamentary Liberal Party.”

That few Liberals mount a sustained public defence of Deeming shows how difficult it is for people with mainstream views about gender to exist in the Liberal party.

It is why Family First is rebuilding around the nation – to give mainstream Australian the chance to vote for their values come election time.

Deeming’s fight is for all mainstream Australians. If the Liberals can cancel her, none of us are safe. Please make a generous gift to her legal fighting fund.

Action: Join the political party that fights for your family, become a supporter or member of Family First.