Kudos to Peter Dutton.

The best line of his budget in reply speech last night was:

“In our country, footy time is family time but the bombardment of betting ads takes the joy out of televised sports.”

Dutton has pledged to ban those annoying sports-betting ads during and an hour either side of sports broadcasts.

“Worse, they are changing the culture of our country in a bad way and normalising gambling at a young age.

“Many Australian families have had enough.”

Well said. Family First hopes this will spark a resurgence in family friendly policy.

Age verification to protect kids from pornography on their devices would be a good next step.

Dutton is right about gambling ads changing our culture for the worse but how much more has kids’ access to porn done so?

There’s much more family friendly policy work to do and that’s why Family First is in the fight.