In news missed by Australia’s media until Peta Credlin raised it on Sky News this week, England last month announced it would no longer prescribe puberty blockers to gender confused children.

This is a blow for Australia’s LGBTIQA+ political activists and Liberal and Labor politicians who refuse to do anything about the harm Australia’s child gender clinics are doing to children.

Puberty blockers affect brain function, diminish bone density and cause sterility.

Family First has long called for the closure of child gender clinics and last year the UK’s Tavistock Centre was closed.

Yet nothing happened here. Australian Liberal and Labor politicians are silent and they continue to allow harmful gender-fluid ideology to be taught in schools.

The Victorian Liberals even support Labor’s policy of jailing parents (yes, parents) who try and stop their children taking puberty blockers or having surgery.

In a document stating why puberty blockers will now no longer be prescribed to children, the National Health Service England said: “there is not enough evidence to support their safety or clinical effectiveness as a routinely available treatment.”

The big question is why is Australia still doing it?

The gender clinics here must be closed. A proper scientific review is conducted.

The question must be asked as to why whistle-blowers like Dr Jillian Spencer, who spoke out against the harm of puberty blockers at the child gender clinic at which she works in Brisbane, has been suspended from her job.

This is a monstrous injustice, but no politicians are standing up for her publicly.

It’s children who suffer from LGBTIQA+ political cancel culture.

Finland and Sweden have also begun limiting the use of puberty blockers and France and Norway are urging caution.

In Australia, you lose your job for speaking out. Family First will continue to speak out and build a political movement that fields candidates at elections who will courageously take on the lies in the public discourse that are harming children.