Family First’s campaign to protect Victorian families from the threat of radical political correctness will be boosted by a full field of candidates at the November 26 election.

The party yesterday lodged candidate nominations with the Victorian Electoral Commission in all 88 lower house districts and 16 candidates across each of the state’s eight upper house divisions.

Lead Candidate Lee Jones, who is running for an upper house seat in South-Eastern Metropolitan Region, said he was overwhelmed by the support of more than 100 ordinary Victorians who have put their names forward as candidates.

“Mainstream Victorians want a better future than that being pushed by the purveyors of radical political correctness.

“They want freedom of speech and religion, they want gender queer theory gone from their kids’ schools and they want sensible energy policy that provides affordable and reliable electricity, not cost of living hikes.”

Mr Jones said Family First parliamentarians elected to the Upper House would shield Victorian families from the woke agendas of Labor and the Coalition.