Who: Family First upper house candidates Tom Kenyon and Deepa Matthew, and a large group of Family First lower house candidates, family and supporters.
What: Launch into final week of campaign.
Where: Light’s Vision, Montefiore Hill, North Adelaide.
When: 10.15am-10.45am, Monday 14 March.

Family First’s leading candidates and supporters will gather this morning to launch into the final
week of the campaign, amid rising momentum for the family values party.

Upper house candidate Tom Kenyon said the relaunch of Family First last year was in response to a groundswell of demand for an alternative to the major parties – demand that has only grown across the state during the campaign.

“Anecdotally our support is strong on the ground, which is what we thought we would see.
Clearly many South Australians are looking for a common-sense alternative, with a clear idea
about right and wrong on many social issues,” said Mr Kenyon.

“Family First has the largest number of candidates of any minor party, besides the Greens. With a full ticket in the upper house and 35 lower house candidates, we are giving South Australian’s a real alternative.”

“Family First is a party of believers, and we believe South Australians are ready to vote for
common sense on issues of freedom of religion, family, pandemic management and and life issues.”

“The past four years have opened many people’s eyes about the true nature of the Marshall
Government, from Covid-19 pandemic management decisions, to euthanasia to abortion.

“And the Opposition represents an untested return to the long Labor years. Family First puts South Australian families first, and are pushing hard through to the finish line of the campaign this week.”


Contact: Tom Kenyon 0439 977 221