Family First has challenged Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas to rule out, if elected Premier, introducing laws that would criminalise how parents raise their children in relation to gender and sexuality.

Family First upper house candidate Tom Kenyon said Mr Malinauskas led a party “obsessed with identity politics and the culture wars” and it was critical he rule out, before the election, laws that intruded on the sacred bond between children and parents.

“Labor in Victoria is responsible for some of the most serious infringements on the freedom of parents to raise their children according to their faith traditions and values, even risking criminal prosecution.”

“Parents in Victoria risk jail advising a child just to defer potentially irreversible gender transitioning treatments.”

“And in 2020 in South Australia, Labor frontbencher Nat Cook floated a similar Bill that would have created an 8-year prison sentence offence for anyone advising their children against sexual practices seen as incompatible with most faith traditions.”

Family First stands for the rights of parents to raise their children according to their own values, and Mr Kenyon’s call reflected deep concerns held by many South Australian voters, who have watched in recent years extreme social policies passed by South Australia’s parliament, opening the way to euthanasia and abortion-to-birth.

“SA Labor represent a real risk that these extreme social programs gain momentum”.

“South Australia deserves more than four years at the mercy of the fads and fancies of Labor’s Left faction.”

“As a former parliamentary member of the Labor Party in this state, I know the power the Left has over policy direction.”

“Mr Malinauskas must rule out this corrosive policy proposal now.”


Contact: Tom Kenyon 0439 977 221c