Christian schools are fighting for their existence.

At issue are government plans to strip religious schools of the right to hire staff who share the beliefs of the parents.

Most people are unaware the fight is on, and sadly that includes most Christians.

So alarmed are the sectors’ leaders that they have united to stage “town hall” meetings around the nation to enlist grass roots people in the fight.

And the early signs are it is working.

More than 800 turned out for the first last Monday night.

The threat that has been building since the introduction of same-sex marriage in 2017, a debate in which the Christian school sector and most Christian leaders sadly did not publicly participate.

Since then, pressure has relentlessly built culminating in the tabling in Parliament of an Australian Law Reform Commission report before Easter commissioned by the Albanese Government which recommends forcing religious schools to employ teachers who are LGBTIQA+ activists.

These recommendations are in defiance of parents’ rights to educate their children at schools which are free to uphold their values.

The recommendations are un-Australian, as mainstream people support the freedom of their fellow Australians to live and let live by the values of their choice.

The next event, which I will be attending on behalf of Family First, is in Sydney at Regent’s Park on May 6.

Titled Faith in our Future – a series of town hall events for supporters of Christian schools, I urge all Family First supporters and members to attend up-coming events in Perth on May 8, Launceston on May 21, and Melbourne on May 22.

It’s possible events in Adelaide and elsewhere will be added.

Three of the Christian school movements have untied under the banner of “My Christian School” to campaign to save Christian education.

In a further sign of the effectiveness of their campaign, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told a meeting of religious leaders last month that religious freedom protections for faith groups “will not go backwards while I’m Prime Minister of Australia”.

This statement is a coup. It has not been reported by mainstream media.

The Prime Minister’s words effectively mean the LGBTIQA+ political movement, led by the leaders of the same-sex marriage campaign (re-badged Equality Australia), are on the back foot.

Their six-year campaign to strip Christian schools of their right to continue to teach Christian beliefs about marriage, gender and sexuality is at a stalemate that now favours Christian and other religious schools.

It’s a campaign that has been driven by politicians such as Labor’s Penny Wong and the Liberals Dave Sharma, just to name a few from both sides who have been attacking the sector and working against it in the Parliament since same-sex marriage was introduced.

Speaking with Peta Credlin on Sky news last night, veteran journalist Chris Uhlmann summed up the situation:

There is a religious war going on and only one side recognises that it is talking theology because they idea of human rights that we have in Australia which people see as a secular idea actually comes from Christianity. It was when it was decided that you could have a personal relationship with God that people started to talk about individual human rights. So the child no longer recognizes the parent anymore and is actively hostile towards it. Now religious institutions face the possibility that they won't be able to hire people that agree with their worldview inside their schools and their hospitals and I think that's a huge concern. So make no mistake, this is a theological war at the moment and one side is a state based religion which is trying to make sure that the old faiths are pulled into line.

If this doesn’t wake Christian leaders and cause them to engage politics, nothing will - until it is too late.

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