Family First continues to stand with expelled Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming who this week launched defamation proceedings in the Federal Court against leader John Pesutto.

Pesutto falsely accused Deeming of associating with Nazi sympathisers before he and the Liberal parliamentary team voted to expel her from the party room after she attended a Let Women Speak rally in March.

“It brings me no joy to have had to lodge this defamation case in court today, but despite the best efforts of many inside and outside the Liberal Party, unfortunately I have no other avenue to see justice done for myself, my family and all the women involved in “Let Women Speak” that day,” Deeming told The Australian.

The rally which was highlighting the injustice of biological “transgender” males encroaching on women’s spaces and sports was gate crashed by neo-Nazis who had nothing to do with Deeming or the rally.

Family First is disappointed that the Liberal party now carries the torch for cancel culture, demonising one of its finest new MPs for upholding values which founder Sir Robert Menzies would have championed.

Deeming’s fight is every mainstream Australian’s fight.

If a supposedly “conservative” party like the Liberals can get away with smearing someone as a “Nazi”, no one is safe.

Family First urges people to donate to Deeming’s legal defence fund so she can fight and win this battle for free speech.