Fatima Payman, a 29-year-old Muslim Senator from Western Australia, crossed the floor of the Senate this week in support of a Greens motion to recognise a state of Palestine.

For more than 100 years, any Labor member of Parliament knows that the punishment for crossing the floor is instant expulsion from the party.

That’s how ruthlessly Labor enforces the party line.

Yet all Anthony Albanese has done is applied a wet lettuce leaf to Payman and asked her to sit out of one caucus meeting.

It’s a shame all the media focus has been on the floor crossing controversy and not the reason she crossed the floor, which is far more scandalous.

Recognising a Palestinian state is the greatest reward the Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas could hope for.

Payman and the Greens are rewarding Hamas’ use of rape, murder and kidnapping to advance its political cause.

Hamas is quite open about its desire to commit a second Holocaust of the Jews “from the river to the sea”.

That Paymen will not suffer any meaningful consequences is testament to the power of Australia’s 800,000 plus Muslim constituency.

Their leaders have not condemned Hamas and promotes the false idea that Israel is committing genocide.

The scandal is not Paymen’s crossing of the floor, it is her support for a regime of rapists, murderers and kidnappers whose idea of a nation is an Islamic State where women like her have no say.