A radical group within the Australian Labor Party, Emily’s List, is pushing the Albanese Government to provide free taxpayer-funded abortions.

Emily’s List, which provides election funding to Labor women on the proviso they support abortion-to-birth on demand, is also pushing for abortion pills to be sold over the counter at chemists.

The push for free taxpayer-funded abortions Australia-wide follows the ACT Labor-Greens government’s decision, with the acquiescence of the Liberals, to provide free abortions in the nation’s capital.

Abortions are already subsidised through the compulsory Medicare levy, forcing pro-life conscientious objectors to participate in the killing of unborn babies.

Emily’s List chief executive Pamela Anderson is pushing for federal Labor to adopt the more liberal abortion policies at its national conference in Brisbane next month.

She says religious people have no place in health care, telling The Australian religious groups should “stay out of healthcare”.

She seems unaware that Christians invented modern hospital care.

She is contemptuous of the pro-life perspective, saying it is about “control” of women.

Family First is committed to achieving a pro-life Australia through democratic means.

We believe if given the facts about the humanity of unborn humans, people are persuadable.

The party is committed to providing support for women with unsupported pregnancies so there is a win-win for mother and baby.

Australia already has the most extreme abortion laws in the world, apart from Communist China.

Abortion-to-birth is not allowed in most European countries and many American states have democratically moved to limit abortion, protecting the unborn baby’s life once a heartbeat is detected.

Texas has banned abortion, a move that saved the lives of 10,000 babies in its first year.

It’s a shame Labor, with the acquiescence of the Liberals, is taking Australia in a different direction.