If granny is in aged care, you should be concerned.

The Albanese Government is offering a free webinar to aged care workers about how residents can be legally killed.

This comes at a time when Australia’s aged care sector is in crisis because of a lack of funding.

Entitled “voluntary assisted dying - what you need to know”, the webinar is for “people employed in aged care, as well as psychologists, social workers, counsellors and volunteers who work with older adults”.

According to the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care website, the webinar will be run by Kristen Kappel, a clinical psychologist.

“Kristen will provide information about the eligibility for, and process involved in, voluntary assisted dying (VAD).

“This webinar will enable mental health professionals to respond appropriately and within legislative requirements when the topic of VAD is raised in clinical practice,” the website says.

If palliative care was properly funded, all Australians could die with dignity.

Instead, euthanasia is becoming the go to. It is certainly cheaper.

It is obviously an attractive option for the struggling aged care sector.

In Canada, the savings to the health budget of euthanasia have already been calculated.

No wonder the Albanese Government is providing free euthanasia webinars to aged care workers – these could be a lucrative investment.

Euthanasia changes the doctor-patient relationship from one of caring to killing and creates a culture where vulnerable people feel a duty to die.

The question for euthanasia supporters is will free webinars to aged care workers result in more or less funding for badly needed palliative care services?

Is euthanasia now our preferred model of end of life “care”?

Where are the free palliative care workshops?