Radical LGBTIQA+ activist and NSW politician Alex Greenwich’s dream run might be coming to an end.

His whacky and dangerous “Equality Bill” -  which allows children & adults to change genders, a cash trade in babies and rental market in women’s wombs, free for all prostitution anywhere and much more - has hit serious resistance.

A parliamentary inquiry conducted a poll of more than 13,000 asking people what they thought of Greenwich’s idea of allowing people to change genders simply by filling out a form.

A whopping 83 percent said no.

Greenwich’s bill even allows children to access harmful puberty blockers, now banned in the UK, without their parents’ consent.

Many people forget that Greenwich was one of the most prominent leaders of the so-called “Marriage Equality” campaign in 2017 which successfully redefined marriage.

At the time he and other leaders same-sex marriage activists said there would be no slippery slope consequences like those proposed in his Equality Bill.

He lied.

Despite the public opposition to the bill, the Parliamentary inquiry recommended it go to the NSW Parliament for debate in coming months.

The independent member Helen Dalton moved that the committee kill off Greenwich’s dangerous bill and not allow it to go to the Parliament, but the Coalition combined with Labor to wave it through for debate.

Here’s some of the reporting from today’s Telegraph newspaper about opposition to his bill.

An alliance of GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists and families called Genspect said it was dismayed the laws would be debated after the overwhelming rejection by the public in the survey.

“The public have clearly expressed their opposition to the introduction of gender self-ID and amendments that make it easier for minors to access puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones without parental consent, but the government appears not to be listening,” Genspect spokeswoman Jude Hunter said.

She said the bill reached into 20 different pieces of legislation and would “seriously diminish the rights of women and girls, permits children to change their name and sex on their birth certificate without parental consent and will lead to more children with gender confusion”.

Rachael Wong of Women’s Forum Australia said: “The bill’s dystopian reforms are not what ‘equality’ looks like, especially not for women and children.”

Kirralie Smith of Binary said the changes would allow any man claiming to be a woman to access any women’s sports, spaces and services without challenge.

“In other words, the bill is extreme,” she said.

In an email this week, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher, one of the few Christian leaders to speak out against the bill, warned Greenwich’s bill is yet another threat to freedom of religion.

“(It) proposes to remove the few existing protections for religious institutions from anti-discrimination lawfare, including schools, healthcare, aged care, welfare and pastoral services, while offering no protections at all for individuals of faith.”

He urged people to use this online form to contact their MPs and urge them to reject Greenwich’s Bill.

Similar so-called gender self-ID laws have been passed in Queensland and Victoria.

During the Queensland debate, LNP shadow Attorney General Tim Nicholls defied all available evidence to tell Parliament there was no evidence men identifying as women posed a threat to women and girls.

“I completely endorse the findings of the (Qld) committee that there is no evidence whatsoever that transwomen are anymore likely to commit offenses than other women are. There is no reason for fear of those things (biological males taking advantage of girls and women).

“The issue of men seeking to take advantage of the laws, while a concern of many groups, is not supported by the evidence,” Nicholls told Parliament.

Dangerous wackiness is not just restricted to radical leftists like Greenwich.

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