Victorian taxpayers would be forced to pay $34 million so public servants could access services like sperm donation and sex change operations under a Greens plan for “reproductive leave”.

Family First lead candidate Lee Jones said this was yet another example of radical woke political correctness.

“The harms to people who have been donor conceived and denied the love of their mother or father are well documented by several parliamentary inquiries,” Mr Jones said.

“There needs to be a proper debate about the ethics of deliberately creating motherless or fatherless children, not a decision to further legitimise this practice by providing taxpayer-funded leave.”

On the Greens plan to provide paid leave for gender reassignment surgery, Mr Jones said: “It is not the taxpayers’ responsibility to pay for time off so someone can have a sex change operation”.

Mr Jones said providing paid leave for a woman who has had a miscarriage was warranted, as it was also in the very rare occurrence an abortion was necessary to save a mothers’ life.

“The Greens’ drive radical politically correct social policy and sadly the other parties are silent and often follow.”

“Family First will protect Victorian families from the threat of radical political correctness,” Mr Jones said.