Greens’ support for the Islamic rape, death and kidnapping cult Hamas is further proof they are an enemy of Australia operating within.

This morning’s refusal by the Green’s international justice spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi (pictured) to say whether Hamas should be dismantled is tantamount to support of Nazi-like tactics to achieve a political aim.

Hamas is clear in its ambition to repeat the horrors of October 7 and to kill Jews “from the river to the sea”.

The Greens’ lack of moral clarity is a danger to Australia and to Western civilisation which cannot co-exist with Islamic political movements that use terrorism to advance their cause.

Asked whether Hamas should be dismantled, Faruqi told the ABC’s Insiders program today that:

"Hamas is an organisation that exists in the region that we are talking about here. Who will dismantle it? It is up to the people in Palestine and that region to make sure that people can live in peace… It's not up to me to say who should be gone or not.”

That’s a bit like saying it was not up to the Allies in World War II to get rid of the Nazis.

It’s the moral equivalence of saying it should have been left up to the German people to decide whether the Holocaust should be called off.

Hamas is a listed terrorist organisation that practices Islam. Chillingly it is not condemned by the Greens nor the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), the Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM), and the Australian Muslim community.

Australia’s main Muslim organisations support the Greens and the naïve former Labor Senator Fatima Payman for voting for a motion in the Senate calling for recognition of a Palestinian State.

This and the emergence last week of a Muslim political movement in western Sydney that does not have moral clarity about the just cause Israel is pursuing to protect innocent life is worrying for Australia’s social cohesion.

Immediate recognition of a Palestinian state would immediately legitimise a terrorist state like the one in Afghanistan Fatima Payman’s parents fled.

The Greens and the Muslim community should be calling for the release of the remaining Israeli hostages kidnapped on October 7 and for the surrender of Hamas.

Unintended civilian deaths in Gaza would stop tomorrow if that occurred.

Instead, the Hamas propaganda machine, along with West-hating collaborators within Western countries like Australia, have created a false narrative that Israel is at fault in the Gaza war, a war that would never have occurred if 3000 heavily armed terrorists had not invaded Israel on October 7 raping, slaughtering and kidnapping.

The Greens have driven Liberal and Labor towards the radical left with both parties responding to their climate alarmism with unnecessary policies which have driven up electricity prices and hurt family budgets.

On social issues, both sides have allowed the Greens to be the tail that wags the political dog on teaching children harmful LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.