When Hamas benefits and the Chinese Communist Party is happy, it probably means Australia has made the wrong decision.

Family First believes the Albanese Government should have said yes to the United States and joined the 24 nations deploying navy ships to the Red Sea.

Instead we have disappointed our allies and left the heavy lifting to others as Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels have entered the war on the side of Hamas and are terrorising ships carrying essential goods to Australia.

The CPP’s mouthpiece, the Global Times, says Australia “has finally stepped out of the US shadow….it is sensible for Australia to continue distancing itself from the US”.

How humiliating.

Australia has fought alongside the US in every major conflict in the past 100 years.

The trouble with the Albanese Government it can no longer work out which side Australia should be on.

It has spent more time calling for a ceasefire – something that only benefits the murderers and rapists of October 7 – than it has calling for Hamas to end it all tomorrow by releasing the hostages, stop using its civilians as human shields and agree that Israel has a right to exist.

A ceasefire is naïve because it achieves nothing except buys time for a Nazi-like regime with Nazi-like genocidal ambitions to re-group and secure its future.

Family First believes the Albanese Government has put Australia’s national security at risk.

We expect the US to come to our aid because we have no capability to defend ourselves if attacked by anything other than a minor power but refuse even one warship to help defend a trade route through the Suez Canal which is crucial to Australia’s national interest.

As Opposition Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie pointed out, Australia is the fifth largest user of shipping in the world.

Ten days added because ships were forced to avoid the Suez Canal and Red Sea would only further ramp up Australia’s cost of living crisis.

Even Canada’s hopelessly woke Trudeau government is sending a warship.

Australia has stood on the side of Hamas and the CCP. We should be lock step with Israel and the US in what is a war for the values of Western Civilisation.