Australia's terror-supporters must not be allowed to win, we must go back to the Opera House in peace.

To awake this morning to news on my X feed of 40 babies beheaded by Hamas animals at a kibbutz in southern Israel was beyond shocking.

It deepens my sense of shame as an Australian that supporters of this were allowed to chant “gas the Jews, F… the Jews” on the steps of the Opera House on Monday night.

Forty babies. Beheaded. Allahu Akbar.

A baby's blood-stained cot

That Channel Nine would run a puff piece with the pro-terrorism organiser of the Town Hall and Opera House rallies, Assala Sayara, was just insane.

A Victorian MP, Moira Deeming, remains unjustly suspended from the parliamentary Liberal party after being falsely accused of being a Nazi sympathiser.

Yet someone who stands on the steps of the Sydney Opera House and calls for an actual Holocaust in 2023 by killing Jews “from the (Jordan) river to the (Mediterranean) sea” gets a free run on mainstream media.

What has become of Australia?

The NSW Labor government’s hapless police minister Yasmin Catley allowed the terror supporters to march to the Opera House, burn the Israeli flag, let off flares and chant murderous slogans while telling Jews to stay at home because the streets of Sydney were not safe for them.

Will hate speech laws be invoked? I doubt it. Yet people like me are being dragged through years of litigation under the same laws for saying LGBTIQA+ “drag queens are dangerous role models for children”, which they are.

In the world of modern Woke, justice and truth are dangerously inverted.

At his media conference yesterday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was more worried about “Islamophobia” breaking out than Australian Muslims calling for a 21st century Holocaust.

Well PM, I don’t know about you but I’m scared of Muslim fanatics with police protection standing on the steps of the Opera House calling for the murder of Jews.

Our Jewish population is also scared, telling their kids not to wear their school uniforms. Are they just irrational Islamophobes?

Former Prime Minister John Howard rightly tells Labor to stop pussyfooting around terrorism.

“To have people chanting those things (‘gas the Jews, F…. the Jews’), it is a catastrophic decent from civility that I never thought I’d see.”

Me too, Mr Howard.

Yet the Australian National Council of Imams remains silent.

It’s Wednesday and still not a peep of condemnation of Hamas terrorism.

Their last media release on October 8 talks about Israeli occupation, a nonsense.

The Palestinians have been offered land for peace a million times during my lifetime and each time they reject it because their true aim is killing Jews.

Israel must protect its citizens in circumstances like this and has every right to do so.

The old saying “if the Palestinians laid down their guns there would be peace but if the Israelis laid down theirs’ there would be no Israel” has never been more true.

Assala Sayara on Channel Nine revealed what too many Australians Muslims and their leaders think of Hamas when she said “once again Hamas is framed as a terrorist organisation”.

Assala Sayara: "Hamas framed as terrorists."

Poor Hamas, victims of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Ignore the rapes, baby killing and mutilation of bodies while indiscriminately murdering and kidnapping.

Any western Sydney Muslim leader worth their salt would immediately repudiate Sayara’s characterisation of Hamas and reassure Australians that Islam rejects terrorism and is a religion of peace.

Is it?

Not according to another western Sydney Muslim leader.

Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun, who recently prayed at an event attended by Albanese, is no fringe ratbag.

Well, not entirely. He is a ratbag.

He worked as the Director of Public Relations at the Australian National Imams Council for three years.

Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun: "I am happy."

On Sunday night while the bodies were still warm, he was on the streets proclaiming in front of hundreds of local Muslims his “happiness” at the slaughter of young people at a music festival.

“I'm smiling and I'm happy,” he said.

"I'm elated, it's a day of courage, it's a day of happiness, it's a day of pride, it's a day of victory. This is the day we've been waiting for.

“75 years of occupation and 15 years of blockade, what yesterday happened was the first time our brothers and sisters break through the largest prison on earth.

"This brings pride to the heart, this brings joy to the heart, my brothers and my and I, standing in Australia we support our brothers and sisters in Palestine.”

In rejoicing in the killing of innocent civilians, he forgets that the “blockade” only exists because the terrorists he is celebrating only want one thing – the death of all the Jews from the river to the sea.

I want to believe the majority of Muslim Australians are here because they love our nation, are part of it and are truly people of peace.

When the former PR officer of their Imams council supports terrorism and the council itself remains silent, a foreboding sets in.

Many Australians must now be wondering if we made a mistake in being so welcoming?

To NSW Premier Chris Minns’ credit he today apologised to the Jewish community for Monday night’s debacle.

But Australia’s night of shame must not be allowed to stand.

Please Mr Albanese and Mr Minns, don’t let the Australian Nazi Hamas supporters win.

Re-light the Opera House in the colours of the Jewish state’s flag but this time for a month.

Lead a vigil there. We will come.

Civil society will support you.