We can’t go on like this.

Alice Springs is burning. The radical left is waging war on our legitimacy.

Nothing will placate their demands.

A treaty won’t, a “voice” won’t.

Woke’s insistence that we continue to ignore fatherlessness and family breakdown means the kids will stay on the streets.

A voice to a parliament that can’t even define a woman let alone a family - the basic building block of society and the hope for every child of the human race – can offer no answers.

Changing the date of Australia Day won’t placate the rage of the Lidia Thorpes or the stop the passive aggressive patronising of the Linda Burneys.

If the problem is “the invasion”, a new national day can’t be the solution.

But when the annual Australia Day tumult and the shouting dies down, we are still left with arguably the most desirable nation on the planet.

New citizens from Asia and Africa scratch their heads.

Waves of non-white immigrants who love the new life our culture and political institutions give them are testament to the fact that we are some of the least racist people on earth.

Yet the left want to burn it all down.

For the first time in our history, the national government is actively undermining Australia Day.

Finance Minister Katy Gallagher said staff employed by the Department of Finance were free to give our national day a miss, making the PM’s assurance there were “no plans” to change the date sound disingenuous at best.

Woke corporates, Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia and the media promote “pride” in the dangerous gender-fluid indoctrination of children but eschew pride in our nation.

For example, Tennis Australia refused to acknowledge Australia Day but will hold a “pride day” at the Australian Open today.

Toxic identity politics is killing national cohesion.

Displaying an Australian flag on Australia Day feels like an act of rebellion. Flying the rainbow flag is safer.

Our flag is now a symbol of resistance against our woke elite overlords.

Despite all the fuss, the reality is the Australian nation exists. It is not going away.

The starter’s gun in the race to claim what was then called New Holland was fired by governments in London and Paris in 1787.

The British fleet beat the two French frigates of La Pérouse by just four days. That was a photo finish.

That is why Governor Arthur Philip hoisted the Union Jack in Sydney Cove as quickly as he could.

The date happened to be January 26, a day which started the trajectory, warts and all, of modern Australia.

What has been achieved here is extraordinary and is something every Australian from every racial background should take pride in.

Undermining pride in Australia is not the way to fix Alice Springs.

Indigenous leader Warren Mundine writes eloquently in today’s Australian Financial Review about his up-bringing by a mother and father who were determined not to be victims.

“The problems in Alice Springs aren’t hard to understand. The world over, social breakdown, family violence and abuse, drug and alcohol abuse go hand in hand with kids not going to school, adults not in work and chronic intergenerational welfare dependency.

We were taught that you’re never a victim, and you’re just as good as any other person. But you have to get educated, work for a living and seize any opportunities you can to better yourself, your family and your community. You have to take responsibility for your own future and not be pushed around by governments and bureaucrats. You also can’t look to them to rescue you.”

The social breakdown Mundine speaks of is of course family breakdown.

Fatherlessness is the curse that political correctness won’t let us name, although former deputy Prime Minister John Anderson raised “family structure” on Sky News this week when commenting on Alice Springs.

As Mundine writes, his father and mother certainly were not treated justly by the Aboriginal Protection Board of the day.

But despite our nation’s faults, it still gave him and his family the opportunity for a better future.

Despite the handwringing of the radical left, those opportunities still exist and will only be enhanced if we have the courage to strengthen our families and take pride in our nation.

Destroying family and destroying our national identity is sadly their project.

One of the best ways to resist and re-build is to continue to celebrate Australia Day on January 26.