The Family First party unequivocally condemns the ruling by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

This decision creates a moral equivalence between civilised Israel and barbarous Hamas where none exists.

It shatters the credibility of the ICC.

By issuing arrest warrants against the Israeli Prime Minister and officials for conducting a careful just war, the ICC has shown anti-civilisational bias.

Melanie Phillips highlights that the claims against Israeli officials—such as wilfully killing civilians and obstructing humanitarian aid—are blatantly false.

"There can be no equivalence between a genocidal attempt at extermination and a country’s defence against it,” she writes.

Israel has harmed its military advantage by continually dropping millions of leaflets warning civilians to move from conflict zones.

This of course warns the terrorist battalions so they can prepare for impending attacks.

Israel has also facilitated substantial aid into Gaza, with over 18,000 trucks delivering essential supplies, even amid ongoing conflict and civilian backing of the terrorists.

In stark contrast, the charges against Hamas leaders, including murder, extermination, torture, and rape, are supported by solid evidence including the body cam of their bloodthirsty animalistic fighters.

Yet, the ICC's prosecutor, Karim Khan, has drawn a morally bankrupt equivalence between Israel's defensive actions and Hamas' acts of terror.

This false equivalence undermines the principles of justice and emboldens those who seek to harm innocent civilians.

Family First stands firmly with Israel, recognising its right to defend its citizens against terrorism.

Family First calls on the Albanese Government to reject this flawed ruling and support the truth against these baseless accusations.

The ICC must be held accountable for its actions to restore faith in international justice.