Given that claiming Aboriginality comes with lucrative financial benefits and privileges that do not apply to other races, there’s nothing “radical” about the idea of requiring a test for Aboriginal ancestry.

Indeed, many Aboriginal leaders worried about “race shifters” self-identifying as indigenous have called for this, as SBS has reported.

This follows a 25 per cent jump in the number of indigenous people in the 2021 Cenus.

But today’s contrived controversy designed to smear the campaigners against the race-based Voice to Parliament is that No campaign board member Gary Johns should resign for also calling for testing.

Johns also believes there should be a day of celebration of the unity inter-racial marriages and partnering bring Australia.

Johns claims, probably rightly, that these are the most common relationships between black and white Australia.

Surely only racists would oppose inter-racial marriage.

Whether or not one agrees with the idea of a holiday to celebrate this, it is hardly a hanging offence to put it forward, as Johns did in his 2022 book The Burden of Culture: How to Dismantle the Aboriginal Industry and Give Hope to its Victims.

Yet Liberal party politicians who support a constitutionally entrenched permanent, indigenous-only race-based Voice are today calling for Gary Johns to resign as a board member of the No side.

Matt Kean, a former NSW Liberal deputy premier whose colleagues continually give him a leave pass for siding with the radical left, has been loudest in his condemnation of Johns.

Perhaps these Liberals are trying to distract attention from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Bidenesque “amnesia” about whether a treaty and reparations are a package deal with the Voice.

Last week Albanese denied the Voice had anything to do with a treaty and reparations despite his promise to implement “in full” the Uluru Statement from the Heart which has the catchcry “Voice, Treaty, Truth”.

Albanese even wore a T-shirt last year with these words emblazoned.

If anyone should resign from the Voice debate for “radical” views, it is Voice referendum working group members Teela Reid and Thomas Mayo.

Both openly endorse the Communist Party, a political institution responsible for the intentional killing of more humans than anyone else in history, even surpassing the body count of the evil Nazis.

Yet no one has called for the resignation of Mayo from the board of Yes23, the official campaign organisation of the Yes side.

This is despite his assertions that the Voice is about reparations, treaty and punishing politicians who don’t listen to its advice.

Reed has said similar.

Mayo and Reid are not fringe players.

Yet it seems Liberal Matt Kean is more interested in trying to bail Anthony Albanese out of the hole he dug on treaty so the deception of the Australian people about the Voice’s real agenda can remain hidden.

Family First supports recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution but not changing the constitution to entrench a race-based Voice to Parliament and the executive, designed by radicals who deny the legitimacy of Australia, and whose powers will be adjudicated by the High Court.