Liberal leader Matthew Guy’s capitulation to a media witch hunt of candidate Renee Heath is another Andrew Thorburn moment, Family First has warned.

“Ms Heath’s views on protecting the rights and innocence of children from radical political correctness are entirely mainstream,” Family First Lead Candidate Lee Jones said.

“Kicking her out of the party room, in the same way Andrew Thorburn was kicked out of Essendon, sends a message that Christians and people of faith are not welcome in the Liberal Party,” Mr Jones said.

“If Matthew Guy won’t stand up for people of faith with mainstream views, then who will? Daniel Andrew’s certainly won’t.

“Is Matthew Guy saying he supports ‘transgender reproductive rights’, the gender fluid indoctrination of children at school and abortion to birth?”

Mr Jones urged voters worried about the threat of radical political correctness to vote Family First.

“If Matthew Guy won’t even stand up for his own candidates, how will he stand up for ordinary Victorians?

“If he can’t respect the religious freedom of his own candidates, how will he respect religious freedom of people of faith?

“Weakness now will translate into weakness in government.

“Christians, Muslims and others with mainstream views can no longer support the Liberal Party, they should support Family First.”