Other levers besides whacking home mortgage holders with the blunt stick of interest rate hikes need to be pulled to relieve Australia’s cost of living crisis.

It’s simply not fair that the one-third of Australians with a home loan are forced to do the heavy lifting to bring down inflation.

The Melbourne Cup day rate rise of 25 basis points will only tip more families into poverty and shut more young couples out of the Australian dream of home ownership.

This is a rolling catastrophe for a nation that until now has provided incredible opportunity for its young and for its migrants.

The Albanese Government’s strategy of letting the Reserve Bank be the bad cop on inflation might be politically smart but it is deeply unjust.

Struggling Australian families are probably not aware that there are other options for bringing down inflation.

Sadly, there is little media focus on alternatives.

Take government expenditure.

Debt-addicted state and federal governments are simply pouring petrol on the fire by not cutting their spending.

Everyone loves a government hand-out but it is not worth the cost-of-living crisis it fuels.

But because they are politically popular amongst an economically illiterate population, governments keep showing largesse with most unable to join the dots.

Another driver of inflation that could be pulled into line if there was political is the bi-partisan obsession with reckless net zero energy policies.

Electricity and fuel are necessities of households and business.

Driving the cost of these essentials through the roof in pursuit of carbon dioxide reductions brings no environmental gain but is in turn a major driver of inflation.

The Coalition government can’t rail against Labor’s accelerated windmill and solar panel roll-out because they started the taxpayer rivers of gold to the sector through the Renewal Energy Target.

Remember, it was Coalition politicians who put former Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the plane to Glasgow where he signed Australia up to the UN’s crazy net zero by 2050 plan.

Sure, Labor is rushing to get there sooner with it’s even crazier 80 percent renewables target by 2030, but the Coalition remains wedded to the same cancer on your cost of living – death is just slightly slower under them.

So as your bank adjusts upward your mortgage re-payments, know that the inflation crisis which is driving your cost of living is entirely politician-induced.

Fixing the problem they created by hiking your interest rates is far from the only pathway to bringing relief.

The bloody-minded ideology of elites along with a timid political class, many of whom know better but are too afraid to speak, is destroying the Australian dream and robbing young families of a future.

Family First believes Australia needs to be urgently put back on a path to affordable and reliable energy by pausing the windmill and solar panel roll-out and keeping coal-fired power stations open until there are better means of producing cheap and reliable electricity.

Family First favours a transition which includes gas and nuclear and renewables only when they are proven to be effective from an economic and engineering perspective.

More land for housing needs to be urgently released along with higher density building developments in cities, such as the Paris-like four story walk-ups proposed by New South Wales Premier Chris Minns.