In a sign people are waking up to woke, Irish voters last week comprehensively rejected their political elites’ referendum to change the definition of family and diminish the role of motherhood.

Here’s how reported the result:

Referendum Ireland said on Saturday night that 67.69 percent of 1.021 million voters had rejected the amendment on family.

The change proposed expanding the definition of family from those founded on marriage to also include "durable relationships" such as cohabiting couples and their children.

The vote on care had aimed to replace old-fashioned language around a mother's "duties in the home" with a clause recognising care provided by family members to one another. That was rejected by 73.9 percent of voters.

Despite all Irish political parties supporting the Yes campaign, the vote was not even close.

Like last year’s Voice to Parliament referendum here in Australia, it seems people are rebelling against the woke agendas of their political class.

While Family First is certainly not against mothers working outside the home, we welcome the fact that Irish voters did not want to abolish from their constitution the importance of mothers working in the home, especially while children are young.

That mothers no longer have a real choice to care for their children themselves because of economic pressure is one of the great injustices caused by modern politics.

In western countries, including Australia, families where one parent works in the home are penalised by the tax system and childcare subsidy regime.

Family First is fighting to change this and restore choice to families with young children.

The Irish referendum result proves that this is likely to be popular public policy here in Australia.

Predictably the left-wing Guardian can’t believe that mainstream people voted the wrong way.

In an article entitled Ireland’s referendums: what went wrong, and what happens now? the Guardian said:

It’s a humiliating blow to the ruling coalition of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Greens, which orchestrated the fiasco. The parties look incompetent and there are calls for ministerial resignations. “When you lose by this kind of margin, there are a lot of people who got this wrong and I am certainly one of them,” said Varadkar, though his own position seems safe. The government will try to draw a line under the mess and swiftly move on. It will take solace from the fact opposition parties also appear out of touch. There is plenty of blame to go round.

Deep down most people want the stability of marriage and the economic freedom to have the choice to raise their children in the home, especially while they are young.

The Irish recognised that by further dumbing down the definition of family, marriage and motherhood that there would be further negative consequences for children and the wider society.

It’s a good sign that the decline of the West is not inevitable.

ACTION: Join the political party that is fighting to remove the economic barriers for mothers wishing to care for their children at home.