How I’ll Fight For Your Family

I am not embarrassed to stand up for your family, no matter what the elites say!

Your family needs someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and fight for your values.

As a mother of three adopted children, I know what it takes to stand up for families and fight government bureaucracy. 

Sadly, the major parties are full of cardboard cut-out politicians who are either hostile to your values or lacking in courage to speak up on your behalf.

But I am not afraid of what the elites in parliament or the media say about me.

I’ve put my hand up to represent you and your family.

I’m proud to fight for you.

Your power bills are too high. No matter what the Greens say.

Radical political correctness is hurting your family. I’m not ashamed to call that out.

That’s why I’m counting on your support at this by-election.

Together we can put your Family First.

Jane Foreman
Candidate for Mulgrave


How to vote


Volunteer now to make a real difference for your family values in the Mulgrave by-election

Put Your Family First and Make a Real Difference!

Passionate. Dedicated. Inspiring. That's what you are when you step up to support Jane Foreman and the Family First Party in the upcoming Mulgrave by-election. And it's exactly what Australian families like yours need right now.

Early voting begins on Wednesday 8 November, so it's essential that we have volunteers ready and willing to step up as soon as possible. That's why your involvement is so important!