How did it come to this?

Australia’s largest state is facing an energy crisis of such proportions that the in-coming Labor Government has been forced to declare its number one priority is “keeping the lights on”.

Ten percent of NSW’s electricity generating capacity will be lost next month when the giant Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley closes.

Premier-elect Chris Minns has not ruled out a taxpayer-funded buy-back of the Eraring power station which under “green energy” plans is due to close in 2025, taking another 25pc of the state’s baseload electricity offline.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has warned the state faces blackouts.

It’s hard to comprehend the incompetence of the Liberal government that allowed this situation to develop in a first world country.

The mastermind of this disaster was former energy minister Matt Kean who until Saturday’s election loss was the treasurer.

He has ruled out a tilt for the leadership vacated by Dominic Perrottet saying he wants to spend more time with his family.

He should be spending every waking hour helping fix the mess he created in his made rush to build windmills and solar facilities which don’t provide the necessary electricity for a modern economy.

Electricity prices, already through the roof thanks to the uncosted “energy transition”, are due to rise another 30 per cent next year.

Families struggling to pay their bills as interest rates rise and inflation driven by out-of-control government spending bights them are the losers.

Family First advocates a moratorium on closing coal-fired power stations and an immediate inquiry into the economic and engineering feasibility of renewables.

If emissions reduction is what the public want, the ban on nuclear power generation must be lifted.

By its own admission “keeping the lights on” is the biggest challenge for the new government.

How did it come to this?